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Post Construction Cleaning

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Tower Facility Services provides professional construction cleanup services for a variety of construction and facilities including but not limited too:

  • New Construction

  • Commercial or Residential Renovations

  • New Homes

  • Retail Stores

There are three Phases to Construction Cleaning.

  1. Rough Clean:


During this initial phase we remove and clean all construction debris including dust, caulking,

paint overspray and adhesives. Windows, sliding glass doors and glass partitions are all thoroughly cleaned. Typically, frames and mullions are included during this cleaning phase as well.


    2. Final Clean:


This phase begins with a repeat the all glass cleaning followed by an in-depth cleaning of all interior surfaces. At the completion of this phase the space is usually considered move-in ready. Areas to be detailed will consist of:




Each cabinet will be cleaned inside and out with a microfiber rag and a neutral cleaner and the tops will be vacuumed to remove any accumulated dust or debris


All bathrooms are cleaned from top to bottom including floors, fixtures, tubs, showers, counters, mirrors and any wall tile.

Baseboards and Floors:

Every baseboard and floor are detailed with the utmost care. We take every type of flooring into consideration when we choose a cleaning medium to ensure that no damage is caused.

    3.  Touch-Up Clean: 


A week or so after the dust settles, we go back in and wipe down all horizontal surfaces to assure that all dust and debris is taken care of. We also remove any smudges and fingerprints that have accumulated on glass surfaces.


These 3 phases will settle all your worries and assure that your newly constructed space is move-in ready. We make sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way so that your needs and expectations are met. We look forward to helping you put the finishing touches on your next service!

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